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10 backpack essentials for every girl


Organizing my backpack has never been easy for me. Mainly because I’m such an indecisive person and couldn’t make my mind over what should go into my backpack and what shouldn’t. But finally, I was able to narrow it down to only my bare essentials while still keeping it chic. So keep reading for ideas as to how you can organize your backpack effortlessly!

A little tip:

You wanna have a backpack that looks sleek and still is functional at the same time. Here is what I suggest:

  • Go for the neutral colors (black, white or brown). That way you can style your backpack with most of your outfits.
  • Choose one with many compartments. That way, it becomes very easy to organize, say, your makeup, stationery, munchies etc. separately.

Now for the top 10 things, every girl should have:

#1 Cleansing wipes: They are an absolute must, no matter what the season is because pollution is always present. Sigh. These are a perfect alternative for wanting to wash your face every now and then because over washing it can actually do more harm. I always carry a small pack of five wipes as it can be slipped into any corner of my backpack. There are so many of these available, catering to what your skin needs.

Tip: Always go for the ones that suit your skin type. For dry skin, I would choose the ones with jojoba oil, avocado or honey, while for oily skin I would go with the ones having argan oil, aloe vera or tea tree.

#2 Moisturizer: No matter what your skin type is, you should always moisturize your face. And especially if you have dry skin, you might need to apply it more often. I started carrying one along when one day I had to attend a workshop in an air-conditioned room and suddenly not carrying a moisturizer was my biggest regret in life. This is a necessity for when your friends make impromptu plans and end up lengthening your day.

Tip: Always go for lightweight non-greasy moisturizers. They won’t feel heavy on the skin nor lead to breakouts.

#3 Sunscreen: Regular use of sunscreen helps to achieve an even skin tone while shielding your skin against the UV rays. Now, carrying one around could be optional if you are going out for a short period of time or the sunscreen you use has a greater SPF. But I like to carry one because my school hours are a little longer.

Tip: You could simply go for moisturizers that have SPF in them to avoid the extra baggage.

#4 Sanitizer: I always have one in my backpack and I wouldn’t compromise on this. Let’s face it: the worlds a nasty place and everyone loves good smelling hands! They have such a variety in the market for these and most of them are so cute.

Tip: I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but moisturizing sanitizers really work well! Not everyone wants to invest time and money in a hand cream and this can serve two purposes at once!

#5 Lip balm/Chapstick: You think you don’t need it because you have nice hydrated lips in the morning, but bamm! You step out, your lipstick abandons you and you are left with chapped lips! How many times has it happened to you? Well, now might be the right time to drop one in your backpack for emergencies!

Tip: I’ve personally had pigmentation on my upper lip because of not using a chapstick with SPF in it. It’s not about spoiling your lips anymore, it’s a necessity.

#6 Water bottle: You are either a health freak or blatantly lying to my face if you tell me you drink the adequate amount of water every day. While you might be drinking enough when you are in the house, water can be easily forgotten about when you are outside. Carrying a small bottle of water even when you aren’t a mom of an always thirsty 5 year old doesn’t hurt anyone.

Tip: Bottles that are marked BPA free are great to store water for a long time without having to worry about the water going stale or the plastic contaminating the water in any way.

#7 Band-aids: Need I even state why you might need this one? Remember the time when Rachel tried to impress Joshua with her cheerleading and ended up cutting her lip? Well, yea. I’ve been there and if you already haven’t, you too will be. The chances of you hurting yourself in any other situations are slim but that can happen too, so do carry one around.

Tip: Call me dumb, but until the last year I didn’t know how effective band-aids could be in case of a shoe bite. Does everyone already know that?

#8 Painkillers: I might be going way too motherly on you guys right now, but Mother Nature has a flair for appearing without a prior warning. The first day of my period always hurts and while sometimes I get to lie around in my bed all day, some days I’m forced to socialize no matter what the condition of my uterus is. This is for days like those.

Tip: Not so much of a tip, but I personally carry them with me even when I’m not on my period because that makes me a star in the eyes of my girlfriends who aren’t exactly having a fun day!

#9 Bobby pins: While I’ve always carried hair ties with me, bobby pins have never been much needed as I’ve always had even long hair. But a year ago when I decided to get bangs or last month when I decided to chop half of my hair off, guess who was in a desperate need of one of these? They have been with me since.

Tip: Carrying too many bobby pins makes me careless, so I carry just the amount I usually need. That way after I’m done with their use, I drop them back into my bag instead of throwing them anywhere around the house. Works for me!

#10 Snacks: And this one is obvious for the obvious reasons. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re stuck in the traffic for long. I’m someone who always needs something to mindlessly munch upon, so it might as well be something healthy.

Tip: Dried nuts and fruits, some protein bars and biscuits are healthy and fun to snack on.

A sneak peek into my backpack:

  • A small journal, pen/highlighter pens for school
  • A minty fresh gum or two
  • My home keys and wallet
  • Earphones
  • Perhaps a lipstick
  • And all of the things mentioned above!

These were a few things I believe could be of real help in daily situations. What do you carry in yours? Do let me know in the comments!