How to

DIY under eye patches with green tea

Under eye masks and patches have been so popular lately. Everyone seems to love using these and why shouldn’t they? Under eye patches help you get rid of those puffy, swollen eyes, and when used regularly, they even banish fine lines and wrinkles! Using a chilled mask or patch under the eye can also reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Probably the only con when it comes to these patches is that they can be really expensive! There are some available even at Sephora for around 350 rupees/5 dollars but those aren’t gel based. Gel eye patches tend to be more effective than the normal sheet ones and those don’t sell cheap. So it is just so economical to make these at home, in under 15 minutes and stock them up for every at-home spa day that comes! Here’s the recipe!

Things you’ll need:

A cup of water (around 125ml)

2 teabags of green tea

One packet of gelatin

A plate/ a tray

How to make gel under eye patches:

  1. Bring the water to a boil and add green tea to it. Basically, you just need to make yourself some green tea.
  2. Immediately start adding small amounts of gelatin to the water while stirring it continuously. Make sure the water is still hot. That helps in dissolving the gelatin.
  3. Continue stirring for a while till all or most of the gelatin is dissolved and transfer the entire thing on a flat surface. It could be a dish or a plate. Here, I have used a normal serving tray.
  4. Let it sit for a while without disturbing it. Once it has hardened up a little, pop it inside the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.
  5. After about 4 hours, it should have a nice jelly like consistency.

Note: The gelatin mixture, when put on the plate directly, could stick to the plate when we try removing it afterwards. Hence, cover the plate with either a plastic or a baking sheet before you pour the mixture on it.

Also, some gelatin on one side of the tray fell off so I had to cut that part out!

6.Now, its time to cut the patches. For that, I had already cut some cardboard in an under-eye mask shape. Place the stencil lightly on the jelly and trace the edges with a knife. Our beautiful gel eye patches should come off easily.

Another note: I ended up putting almost two packets of gelatin in this recipe, instead of one. Feel free to add a little more gelatin if you think the mixture is not sticky enough. Do not use more than two packets though.

So this is it! You get around 14 gel patches from this recipe, which should last you for quite a while. You can easily store them by placing them on some paper and then, in a container.

Keep them refrigerated all the time since chilled eye patches work even better for your under eyes!

So what do you think? Do make these for your pamper days and let me know how you find these in the comments. Feel free to contact me in case of any queries as well!