How to

For a happier, healthier you

Here are some 20 things you should consider doing this year:

#1 Stay hydrated. Make it a habit to drink water at regular intervals. Make fruit infused water or just add lemon to it for a healthy start in the morning. Maintain your schedule with apps if you need to. Don’t be too lazy to carry a bottle of water everywhere you go.

#2 Create a playlist of songs that never fail to make you happy. Songs that you never get tired of. The song ‘Weightless’ by Marconi union is specially made to reduce anxiety and had been declared ‘the most relaxing tune ever’. Go listen to it.

#3 Practice manners. The world needs more of it. Be kind. But guess who needs it more than anyone else? You. So don’t beat yourself up over stupid things. Stop criticizing yourself so damn much and give yourself a break.

#4 Read more. Try to read one book every month, of any genre that you like. Be aware of what’s happening around you and in the world. Read newspapers or follow news channels on social media for that matter. Important is to stay updated on current events and trends.

#5 Quit procrastinating. It does no good. If you find yourself constantly pushing your deadlines, maintain a planner, organizer or a simple to do list. Refer to it every morning while you enjoy your cup of tea. Make sure you proudly check it all off before sleeping.

#6 Make time for yourself. Don’t be so lost in chasing your dreams, that you forget where your heart truly belongs. Do things that you love doing. Practice self-love. May it be spending time in nature or soaking in a bathtub full of bath bombs.

#7 Keep a food journal. Note down every meal you have. It is an excellent way to keep your weight in check. Also, make sure you eat enough and eat healthy. Always make a grocery list and add one new healthy item to it every week.

#8 Wake up earlier. It improves productivity, gives you more time to have a good hearty breakfast and lets you spend more time on your appearance. A relaxed unhurried morning sets the right tone for the day.

#9 Be a little less materialistic. Listen to podcasts or refer to youtube videos on minimalism. Pickuplimes on youtube has great videos for beginners. This year, let us all learn to be happy with what we have.

#10 Make your happiness a priority. You come before everyone else and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Do not commit to anything halfheartedly and be selfish with your time. The right people will respect you for placing yourself first.

#11 Learn something new. Keep learning, keep experiencing. It need not even be anything serious. Have fun learning tarot cards or read books on hypnotism. Learn basic HTML or how to sketch like a pro. You might just find a useful hobby or a natural aptitude for something.

#12 Find a signature/comfort scent. Find one that defines you. Give people something to remember you by. People do not use scented candles for nothing. They are highly comforting. Find a scent that smells like home.

#13 Grow a plant. Indoors or outdoors. Nurture it. Make your contribution and give back to nature in any way you can. Indoor plants are also a great accessory for home décor.

#14 This year, commit yourself to something physically challenging. Don’t be a homebody. Get out there. Play tennis. Go swimming. Plan a hiking trip every few months. Continue even when you feel like quitting. Someday you will master it.

#15 Be confident in your own skin. Learn how to walk in heels. Read articles on good posture and practice it every day. Ask your friends to click your pictures, loads of them. It’s time you give yourself that self-esteem boost. Carry yourself with confidence and as they say, fake it until you make it.

#16 Do something you’ve always hated. This time around, you might find it tolerable or even find a new pastime. Poetry is beautiful. As difficult as it might be to comprehend, read it for it is beautiful. Give things a second chance in 2018.

#17 Gift people more often. Surprises are always loved, as long as they are thoughtful. Let your people know how much you appreciate having them by your side. A small gesture speaks a lot. Make it about the people, not the gifts.

#18 Put yourself out there. Get meaningful tattoos. Go get them piercings done. Or the haircut you’ve always thought of getting. Make 2018 about overcoming your fears and stepping out of your comfort zone.

#19 Create routines. Put together a morning and a night routine to start off and end each day well. Stick to it. Focus on staying organized from the start of the year.

#20 Evolve.