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Skincare 101 – Basic skincare for beginners


A year ago I myself didn’t really believe in doing so much for my skin and was actually too lazy to do anything more than washing my face once in the morning. But since I started with proper skincare, my skin has never been better! This guide to skincare is pretty basic and something that I myself follow to the T. So let’s get started!

#1 Get to know the basics: Cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) are the very basics of skincare. Cleansing is needed to get rid of all the dirt and grime that gets accumulated on your face daily. Choose a cleanser that is mild enough for daily use.

Toning is essential in order to balance the pH of your skin and tightening your pores, while also cleaning any dirt that cleansing would have not efficiently removed. Toning can actually be optional if you are just starting. But doing it would help you in the long run.

Lastly, moisturizing your skin is crucial and doing it every time after washing your face helps to lock the moisture in. You should not skip this step, regardless of what skin type you have.

#2 Pick products according to your skin type: Know what your skin type is and go only for the products suitable for you. Getting yourself a high-end product which actually is not meant for your skin type won’t really benefit your skin.

#3 Invest in your skincare: Buying skin care products but letting them sit in the corner after the first few days won’t help. Getting great skin is possible but only if you are consistent. The best way to make sure you do not give up is to invest good money in your skincare. That would keep you motivated to use your products in order to get returns for your money.

Once you get the CTM products organized, here’s what’s important:

#4 Wash your face twice a day: Okay thrice if you need to, but not more than that. If my face gets dirty or oily during the day, I actually prefer using a cleansing wipe instead of washing my face again.

#5 Use sunscreen every day: I never believed using sunscreen was important until I saw the change it made to my skin after I started incorporating it into my skincare. Using SPF also gives you an even skin tone over time. Better yet, using a moisturizer that already has SPF in it helps in saving time and money.

#6 Start using serums: Serums are so highly concentrated that they deliver to the skin right what it needs. In my own experience, using a serum has made the biggest possible difference to my skin. If you are on a budget, you can always just use facial oils like argan or vitamin e oil instead.

#7 Do not forget the lips: Lastly, lips make a big difference in your appearance (inserts Kylie Jenner’s before and after pictures) and sadly they also get tanned. Do use a chapstick with SPF in it.

#8 Know when a product is breaking you out: Especially if you happen to have sensitive skin, do a patch test first. An excellent way to know when a product might actually be doing harm is to add new products to your skincare with a one week interval between each of them. That way you would know which product caused the breakout.

Things to do weekly:

#1 Exfoliate your face at least once a week. It gets rid of the dead skin cells, black and whiteheads. If your skin is really dull or you tend to get a lot of blackheads, go ahead and exfoliate it twice. Also, do not neglect your lips when exfoliating. A trick I personally follow since years is to lightly exfoliate my lips with a toothbrush every night. That way I wake up with soft supple lips practically every day. But always be gentle and be sure to moisturize afterwards.

#2 Change the pillowcases every week. Your makeup, the grime and oil from your skin and hair, also your skincare products and gross but true, even your drool gets accumulated onto the pillowcase and can cause breakouts. Not only does it feel great to sleep on a fresh new pillowcase but also your skin will thank you for it.

#3 Use facemasks every week or two. They are great to give your skin that instant boost after a dull tiring day. You can also make DIY facemasks using ingredients that your skin will benefit from. But if you feel lazy, readymade sheet masks are always an excellent option as they are fun to use and also come in a huge variety.

A few things to avoid doing:

#1 Over exfoliating: Over exfoliating can actually break your skin out instead. Do not do it more than three times a week.

#2 Popping pimples: Popping pimples is almost always going to leave a scar behind. So no matter how tempted you are, do not attempt to pop the pimple. Instead, apply a drying lotion or simply a little tea tree oil right on the pimple to dry it out. If you simply must pop it, wait until it has pus in it. In that case, use a Q tip, make sure you have removed all the yellow liquid and do not be aggressive with it.

#3 Share facial towels: It can happen when you have roommates but do try to avoid this. Just like pillowcases, change them frequently too.


Skincare is such a vast subject and to be honest, I still have so much to learn. But these are the very basics that I have personally benefited from. Getting your skincare together can be confusing and tedious, but I hope this helps to get you started. Remember, consistency and patience are the key factors here. Once you see the changes right skincare makes to your skin, you will stay motivated for sure!